Esports expertise for Solo Esport, Senegal

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The team highlights the diversity and talent of its professional players

The SOLO Esport team, the first professional esports formation in West Africa, was established through a strategic partnership between the French Embassy in Senegal, the Solo Esport Association, and the expertise of Désiré KOUSSAWO, co-founder of SAGES. This collaboration laid the groundwork for a flourishing esports ecosystem in Senegal, supported by the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI) of the French Embassy, aimed at fostering the development of esports in the region.

Founded in 2020, SOLO Esport quickly made a name for itself on the competitive scene, not only as a pioneer in West Africa but also through its impressive victories. Based in Dakar, the team clinched African championship titles in games such as FIFA, PES, and Mortal Kombat, showcasing the diversity and talent of its professional players. International success soon followed, with highlights including Dexx Junior’s win at the eLigue Tour tournament in Paris and Verix’s remarkable performance at EVO, where he shone among the world’s best in Guilty Gear Strive.

At the heart of these achievements, the co-founder of SAGES provided key services to facilitate the professionalization of SOLO Esport. By offering his expertise and guidance, Désiré KOUSSAWO enabled the team to connect with major international esports players, thus promoting its development and visibility beyond African borders. This collaborative approach not only strengthened SOLO Esport’s position in the global esports market but also contributed to the emergence of a structured and dynamic Senegalese esports ecosystem, highlighting the importance of synergy among the various stakeholders involved in the project.

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