140 M+
esports players
140 M+
esports players

The Middle East and Africa host over 377 million gamers, yet none participate in the world’s largest esports competitions.

Playing, Watching, Training, Competing, Creating…

African gamers deserve to access the same features and playgrounds like all other players around the world.

Zero to Hero strategy is also a dream for all players on the continent, making the young talented FIFA player of yesterday, the world champion of tomorrow!
Services for Africa Gaming & Esports

SAGES is willing to develop a 360° esports ecosystem on the continent

Our missions

Africa is the next frontier in the global esport ecosystem.

SAGES is the platform for achieving this goal!

Contribute to the development of African technological infrastructures, identify the best technologies and infrastructures adapted to the continent, use the most advanced technologies, build partnerships that bring people and technologies together.

Support the development of a new type of entrepreneur, content creator, team manager, streamer, community manager, tournament operator, broadcasting channel, etc.

Amplify the development of cultural and creative industries, stimulate innovations that can foster sustainable and inclusive development, support initiatives to accelerate creative industries that promote progress in human development, and give African culture the opportunity to express itself beyond the continent’s borders.

Contribute to the development of educational levels, support the training of players through appropriate technical assistance, vocational training, mentoring, project management and support for change.

Our team

Vision & Product

More than 20 years experience in IT, entertainment and esports. ESL France ex-Managing Director, Cofounder and Honorary President of Futurolan Association, organizer of Gamers Assembly, the biggest France Lan-Party, Member of the Board of France Esports association. Heavily involved in the development and shaping of esports in Africa.

Head of Operations

Freelance consultant in organization and IT governance (enterprise architecture, cybersecurity and cloud computing). With more than 20 years of experience in IT, he mainly supports large groups (banking, insurance and industry) in the operational implementation of their strategy. Entrepreneur in Cameroon in the agriculture, social entrepreneurship and real estate domains.

Head of Services & Execution

IT entrepreneur since over 12 years in project management, cybersecurity and cloud solutions. He successfully faced technical & political challenges to ensure IT strategies and digital transformations of big firms. enthusiastic about applying his expertise in telecommunications and banking sectors to the African esports ecosystem.

Head of Content Creation

More than 10 years of experience in the marketing and production of visual communication campaigns. Expertise and versatility in the field of creation, from strategy to production. Player/ supporter passionate about the world of esport and gaming for more than 10 years.

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