Esports expertise for Democratic Republic of Congo

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The mission was supported by figures such as Emmanuel Macron, ...

The intervention of Désiré Koussawo, co-founder of SAGES, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, marked a significant turning point for the development of esports and video gaming in the region. His expertise and support were crucial in driving a project aimed at enriching the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sector within the country. This mission, supported by figures such as Emmanuel Macron, Rima ABDUL MALAK, and Elisabeth “Liz” GOMIS, who were also part of the delegation, facilitated a rewarding dialogue with local video gaming and esports communities.

At the heart of this initiative was the vision of a House of African Worlds, an initiative highlighting the growing enthusiasm for CCIs in Africa and underscoring the importance of cultural and creative development on the continent. The involvement of a delegation of 15 key CCI stakeholders, both Congolese and French, was instrumental in the success of this venture. It enabled valuable exchanges on the structuring of CCI sectors in Congo, involving leading political figures and highlighting the passionate commitment of young Congolese talents.

The contributions of these young participants added an authentic touch and constructive critical perspectives, enriching the discussions and emphasizing the importance of local inclusion in the development process. This mission represents a fundamental step towards strengthening cultural and economic ties between France and Africa, focusing on esports and video gaming as conduits for this rapprochement. This initiative laid the groundwork for fruitful collaboration, promising significant future advancements for esports and the creative industries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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