Esports expertise for Lagos state, Nigeria

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The aim was to structure the Nigerian esport ecosystem in a sustainable way

The transformation of the esports ecosystem in Lagos State, Nigeria, has significantly benefited from the guidance and expertise of Désiré Koussawo, co-founder of SAGES, as part of an initiative supported by the French Embassy in Nigeria. Through the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI) focused on “Cultural and Creative Industries,” the aim was to sustainably structure the Nigerian esports ecosystem, in synergy with the efforts of Lagos State.

The significance of this initiative was highlighted during the Paris Games Week 2022, where, for the first time, an official Nigerian delegation, supported by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service (SCAC) of Lagos and the state itself, was able to participate in partnership with the France Esports association. This event marked a key milestone in promoting Nigerian esports internationally, facilitating enriching exchanges and the creation of strategic partnerships.

The collaboration between the French Embassy in Nigeria and Lagos State, formalized by a framework agreement signed in September 2022, reaffirms the central role of esports in bilateral relations. The contributions of Désiré Koussawo, including exploratory missions to Lagos and the audit of the GamrX event in 2023, have provided increased support for local initiatives and identified areas for improvement to strengthen the esports ecosystem at the federal level.

This expert support from Désiré Koussawo and the commitment of key partners have enabled the achievement of ambitious goals, giving Lagos State and Nigeria a new dimension in the field of esports. This initiative marks a significant advancement in structuring a more coherent and competitive Nigerian esports environment, paving the way for future successes on the international stage.

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